The Veterinary and Food Laboratory is a state agency operating in the area of government of the Ministry of Rural Affairs

The Veterinary and Food Laboratory is located in Tartu. The agency also includes regional laboratories in Tallinn and in Kuressaare (island Saaremaa) and a small unit in Rakvere. All laboratories of the Veterinary and Food Laboratory are accredited by the Estonian Accreditation Centre and comply with the requirements of EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

We offer high-quality laboratory services

  • for the detection of animal diseases and zoonotic infections
  • analyses to control the safety and quality of food, water, alcohol, and feed

Due to the needs of state supervision, we perform analyses and studies based on the orders of the Veterinary and Food Board, the Health Board, and other competent authorities, including:

  • national monitoring programmes (e.g. infectious animal disease control programmes, monitoring programme of contaminants and veterinary drug residues; antimicrobial resistance monitoring programme)
  • compliance with food handling requirements, including the determination of food composition and nutritional value, the content of contaminants and additives, residues of veterinary medicinal products, and prohibited substances
  • compliance with the compositional and quality requirements for agricultural products pursuant to the European Union Common Agricultural Policy Implementation Act
  • operative performance of investigations in case of a suspicion or outbreak of especially dangerous infectious animal diseases and ensuring diagnostic readiness (including 24-hour reception of examination materials)
  • operational investigations of suspected or actual outbreaks of dangerous and emerging infectious animal diseases
  • cooperation with the Veterinary and Food Board and the Health Board on findings of pathogens common to humans and animals
  • mediation of research material for subcontracting, clarifying a diagnosis, or confirming the result in laboratories of other countries (including international reference laboratories)

We are a reliable partner for companies in the food production and agricultural sector and offer

  • investigations and analysis for private veterinarians, animal clinics, animal holdings, and animal owners
  • analyses for food, water, and feed businesses, alcohol producers and importers, and individuals
  • business and personal advisory services

In cooperation with universities and other research institutions both at home and abroad, we participate in research and development projects and act as a national reference laboratory.