The National Centre for Laboratory Research and Risk Assessment is located in Tartu. The centre includes regional laboratories in Tallinn and Saaremaa. All the centre’s laboratories are accredited by the Estonian Accreditation Centre and comply with the requirements of EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. In addition to laboratories, the centre has a sample reception office in Rakvere, the purpose of which is to mediate samples to the laboratories of the centre and collaboration partners.

The National Centre for Laboratory Research and Risk Assessment main area of activity involves food, feed safety and animal health, and provide risk assessment throughout of the food chain. The centre offers laboratory services to public and private organisations, companies and private persons.


  • Laboratory tests and analyses of samples collected in the framework of national animal disease control programs
  • Laboratory tests for diagnosing dangerous and emerging animal disease
  • Diagnostic preparedness for the fast diagnosis of highly contagious animal diseases (category A diseases) and the characterisation of the pathogen
  • Laboratory tests on clarifying the reasons for the illness, death and abortion of animals
  • Laboratory tests for assessing animal health
  • Laboratory tests related to animal trade and quarantine


  • Laboratory analyses on determining the quality and safety of food, feed, processing environment, alcohol and water
  • Laboratory analyses performed in the framework of the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) monitoring program
  • Laboratory analyses performed in the framework of the contaminant monitoring program
  • Ensuring preparedness for specifying pathogens causing potential outbreaks of food-borne diseases
  • Laboratory analyses related to food labelling
  • Laboratory tests and predictive microbiology based on mathematical prognostic models for determining the shelf life of food
  • Analyses of the composition and quality of agricultural products in the framework of the regulation on the common organisation of markets.